III. Application from Municipalities

Towns and cities wishing to host a Fellowship must apply through a competitive selection process for each Fellowship. The application will consist of a cover sheet and written answers to the following questions:

  1. Describe the resources that will be available to the student over the course of the Fellowship. This can include resources such as office space, computer equipment, internet access, informational resources, staff support, among other resources.
  2. Describe the supervision the student will receive. Who will be the supervisor? How frequently will work be reviewed? How much time does the supervisor have to dedicate to the student? List any supervisory duties that the student will be tasked with. Are these responsibilities at the appropriate level for a graduate student or young professional?
  3. Describe any projects that you intend the student to work on during the tenure of the Fellowship. Ideally there will be several minor projects so the student can gain broad experience and one major project for specialization in a topic relevant to local govt. management. If you have one, please attach a job description or position description including duties and daily responsibilities that the Fellowship will entail.
  4. Please describe any mentoring the student will receive from the manager/administrator. This can include discussing career options in the local government management field, inviting the student to observe otherwise closed meetings and debriefing with the manager afterwards, attending after-work meetings or social events with the manager, and other activities.